Professional Computer Services
​​ Everyone needs a skilled professional serviceman to fix their computers from time to time.  Having a relationship with such a person can be of great assistance in a time of trouble. ​​​​​​
Your's truly commits to supplying your technical needs. There is a solution for every computer problem.  There are many common errors and troubles with software.  Keeping software and hardware in balance is a key to a more enjoyable experience. 
Common computer problems
1-Slow computing and internet connection
2-Corrupt operating systems
3-Infection by spyware and viruses
4-Poor and bad wireless connection
5-Low hard disk space
6-Poor configuration and errors
7-Security solutions
Onsite Services
Computer Maintenance and Tune up
Spyware and Virus Removal
Routers and wireless Solutions

System hardware upgrades
Print Servers, Hubs and Switches
larger hard drives and system memory
Upgrade your Microsoft Operating Systems to 
Windows 7, 8, 10. 
Data backup solutions, Point of sale
Written statement of services and invoice
Providing On-Site computer services
Homes or business locations
Experienced, Certified Professional
27 years of experience in custom computer services